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R FINE MINTS AND GUM C. Howard Company., Inc. Manufacturing Fine Confections Since 1934
Q. Where do I find the ingredients to your products? A. Our ingredients are listed on the Nutritional Info Page. Q. Do you give factory tours? A. Sorry, C. Howard Company does not offer factory tours. Q. What payment methods do you accept? A. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover. We also accept      check or money order through our mail order process. Q. When does my credit card get charged? A. Your credit card will be charged when the order is shipped.      NOT when the order is placed. Q. When will my order ship? A. Your order will usually ship within 48 hours of placing the order. Q. How do I track my order? A. Simple, after we ship your order you will receive a confirmation email via the email      address entered during the checkout process. That email will give you a tracking      number. (As long as you provide a valid email address) Q. How can I tell if my order has been placed? A. You will receive a confirmation email with your order info. Q. How much does shipping cost? A. Shipping costs depend on what your buying. So you must place what you are      interested in buying into the cart, then in the cart contents box on the left there      is a shipping option you can click to figure the shipping costs. Q. How do I know if your site is secure? A. If you look at the URL in the address bar, you will see a link. Most links start with a     http://... A secured link will start with https://... We use a shared SSL from GeoTrust     to secure our stores. You will notice a secured URL during the sign in process and     throughout the checkout process. Our database is also encrypted for extra security. Q. How do I create an account? A. It is simple to create an account. First, click Online Store, then when in the store     click New Account. Fill out the info and submit. Don’t forget to write down your     user id and password. Q. I forgot my password, can you help? A. To get your password, enter your user id, then click please email me my password,      then click login. The password will be sent to your email. Q. How do I change my password? A. To change your password you must first sign in. After your signed in, look in the upper      Left hand corner and you will see your name. Click on that and change the needed      info, then click save. Q. How do I change my email address? A. To change your email address you must first sign in. After your signed in, look in      the upper left hand corner and you will see your name. Click on that and change      the needed info, then click save. Q. What does having an account do for me? A. Having an account will save your info for easy ordering in the future. It can also be     helpful for receiving future promotions. You do not need an account to purchase     our products online. Q. How can I contact the webmaster? A. Click Here to email the webmaster. Q. How do I add items to my shopping cart? A. You can add items to your cart by entering the quantity of the item you want,     then click add to cart. Q. What if I have a question about a product? A. If you have a question about a product, click here. Q. How do I change the quantity of an item in my cart? A. To change the quantity of an item in your cart, click cart contents, you can then      change the quantity and click update. Q. Do you use cookies in your stores? A. Our online stores use cookies to store customer info and product info as part      of your shopping experience. The cookie is deleted upon checkout, logout, or      60 minutes, whichever occurs first. Q. What is your privacy policy? A. Here is our Privacy Policy: C. Howard Company., Inc. does not share your credit card information. It is only      used for the processing of your order. Email addresses are not sold or shared with      others and will not be used for unsolicited advertisements. Q. Why do the sides of my invoice get cut off when printing? A. Unfortunately, everyones computers are set up differently. So you can try printing      in landscape mode or set the printer margin settings to .25.