• Choward's 4oz. Gift Box

    Choward's Violet Mints have a floral flavor and fragrance, which makes for a very unique candy experience. (Packed about 66 Mints)**PRICE IS FOR ONE BOX, ABOUT 66 MINTS**

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  • Choward's Flavor Taster Pack

    Choward's Flavor Taster Pack

    This Flavor Taster Pack is a little of each product to tempt your taste buds. Consists of: - One package Guava Candy - One package Violet Mints - One package Lemon Mints - One package Spearmint Mints - One package Peppermint Mints - Two packages of...

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  • Choward's Violet Pouch

    Choward's Violet Pouch

    Choward's Violet Pouch is a re-sealable, hang-able, standup pouch filled with the same Violet Candy in round form and individually wrapped. Net Weight 4oz. (approx. 67 pieces)

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