If you want to open a Wholesale account with C. Howard Co., Inc. follow the instructions below.


  • Click on the "Register" link at the top right of the site, next to cart icon. 
  • Fill out the "New Account" form in full. The "Company" and "Tax ID#" fields are REQUIRED for Wholesale accounts.
  • Once your "New Account" Form is submitted, you will need to send us a message in the "Contact us" form that you created a Wholesale account and need approval. Please include your company name so we can locate your account. 
  • We will then look for your new account and confirm that you filled in the required fields. 
  • You will get an approval email when complete. 
  • Once Approved, you will have access to our "Wholesale" category which is where you will find our products at wholesale prices. We do not collect tax on any item in the wholesale category.